Good practices in infants’ classes reported after the sessions about infants’ learning and development

The power of play!


10 Mar 2020

Suez: Ganet el al fal nursery
Buu, buu! Look, my cardboard train runs
very fast


Suez: Ganet el al fal nursery
!!We cannot stop dropping blocks in holes

Suez: Ganet el al fal nursery
!Look, I’ m not here. Peep-bo

Suez: Ganet el al fal nursery
This narrow corridor can be our playground! playing with balls

Suez: Ganet el al fal nursery
Hahaha! Picture books are very fun

Kafr el Sheikh: Daqualt nursery
Our bus is full of blocks

QQaliubya: El Noor 100 meter nursery

(You know? I am secretly getting the sense of numbers and shapes


*No shoes! Good for cleanliness & safety and less restriction for feet! *

Qaliubya: Horras el Akeda nursery
We love our facilitators who sit and play with us a lot!

Qaliubya: Ganet alfal el heral nursery
We are still little, but already think and try by ourselves!

Some tips for infants’ classes

whenever possible 
1. Divide the infants into two classes ( under/above age 1) 
2. Divide the spaces for Large movement and quiet activities 
All of these are for infants to be able to concentrate on their activities until satisfied 
إخلاء مسؤولية: المنشورات علي هذه الصفحة لا تعبر عن آراء او اتجاهات وزارة التضامن الاجتماعي او هيئة التعاون الدولي اليابانية (جايكا) وموظفيها وشركائها

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