How your child develop



Children have a great ability to prove and demonstrate their abilities, and the possibility of their growth and progress becomes the greatest when they do something with their desire and volunteering. How should early childhood educators deal with children so that they can develop independence? Although if teachers let children do as they wish, they will not make progress. Hence, the role assigned to the teachers is to see if the children can achieve through the principle of self/personal-vision by themselves. And producing the impact through innovative and creative education is important and a good idea.


Hence, the rules set by educators about the early childhood stage were as follows:


1. Estimating the developmental level (level of development) of each child, assessing how to help him and understanding his desires and ideas directly.


2. To provide a natural and psychological environment that is suitable for the child's development.


3. Helping children increase their activities and develop their ability to think and increase their ideas.

In order to achieve these rules, teachers should bear in mind and pay attention to the following:


How can they provide a good environment (for example, preparing suitable materials that help them grow through daily activities)


How do they talk to children (for example, using words and expressions and giving small, clarified gestures that suit the stages of development more than giving them orders and instructions)


After that, how should teachers act towards children in a practical way? And down to how we can formulate applied theories and what are the proposals for that.

Songs that can be sung with the children in nurseries or at home

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