ECD-JICA Project Phase 2

Background of the Project:


- Based on the prominent relations between Egypt and Japan, H.E. President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi and H.E. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, the leaders of the two countries have announced the Egypt-Japan Education Partnership (EJEP) that is mandated to enhance cooperation between the two nations in the field of Education in 2016. and Scientific Research.

- A Steering Committee has been established for EJEP headed by H.E. Amb. Fayza Aboulnaga, and H.E. Prof. Hany Helal, Former Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research from the Egyptian side, and the H.E. Ambassador of Japan in Egypt from the Japanese side, with the membership of representatives from the Egyptian and Japanese entities (concerned Ministries, the Embassy and JICA).

- Under the umbrella of EJEP, the Ministry of Social Solidarity (MOSS) signed a Record of Discussion for Technical Cooperation with JICA for the Project for the Quality Improvement of Early Childhood Development (ECD-JICA Project Phase 1). The project was successfully implemented during 2017 to 2021, having the following implemented:

(1) Training for nursery facilitators,

(2) Development of "Activity Booklets" to introduce and disseminate "Learning through Play,” tailored to children's growth and developmental stages,

(3) Dissemination workshops for parents and community people with the slogan "Eat well, Play well, and Sleep well,”

and other activities.

※Please see the accomplishment report in the Homepage.


- The Ministry of Social Solidarity has endorsed the National Quality Standards for Nurseries (NQS) in 2021 and worked to integrate all the efforts of stakeholders to improve the quality of Early Childhood Development in Egypt (especially childcare services in nurseries).

- In order to ensure the above, the Ministry with JICA has moved forward to Phase 2 of the project for the period of August 2022 to August 2026. 

Mr.Kamitani, Chief Advisor gave a speech on the importance of Food education and Learning through Play
Mr.Kamitani, Chief Advisor gave a speech on the importance of Food education and Learning through Play

Project Purpose and Outputs:


To increase access and to improve the quality of childcare service with the following outputs:

Output 1: Strengthening the Human resource development system for nursery personnel.

Output 2: Enhancing Monitoring & Evaluation system for nurseries.

Output 3: Awareness raising for positive parenting, Learning through Play, sound nutrition, and inclusiveness.

Target Governorates:


9 Governorates: Port Said, Kafr El Sheikh, Suez, Ismailia, Qalioubeya, Aswan, Fayoum, Giza, and Alexandria.

 ※Governorates under Hayah Kareema’s target Governorates, such as Fayoum, Qalioubeya, Aswan, Ismailia, and Alexandria were chosen.


Note:  Hayah Kareema is the national initiative endorsed by H.E President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, President of the Arab Republic of Egypt. This initiative aims to improve the living conditions and daily life of Egyptian citizens to have a decent life.


The direct beneficiaries of the ECD-JICA Project are the nursery managers, the nursery facilitators, the parents/communities, and the administrators in Directorates. 

Needless to say, the indirect beneficiaries are children aged 0 to 4 years old. Having the improvement of quality service, the Project aims to contribute to the development of children as described in the National Quality Standards. In particular, it is expected that the cognitive, behavioral, and motor capacities of children in the target nurseries will be improved through "Learning through Play," which has been promoted by the Japanese cooperation for three decades. 

Empowering nursery facilitators is the key to success.

Main Activities:

Output 1: Strengthening Human resource development system for nursery personnel. 

1-1 Develop basic skills and targets that should be acquired by personnel in nurseries model training curriculum, and training modules in accordance with the National Quality Standards (NQS).

1-2 Implement training of trainers (TOT) for field trainers who conduct training for nursery personnel.

1-3 Certify those field trainers who have completed the training as an official recognition for their professional qualifications.

1-4 Roll out the training for nursery personnel in the target areas.

1-5 Develop the Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs) on human resource development for adaptation by MoSS.

 Output 2: Enhancing Monitoring & Evaluation system for nurseries.

 2-1 Develop necessary guidelines and associated training materials.

2-2 Conduct training for MoSS staff on nursery monitoring and the draft SOPs.

2-3 Implement the model nursery monitoring system in the targeted areas.

2-4 Revise the SOPs for monitoring-related activities for adaptation by MoSS.

Output 3: Awareness raising for positive parenting, learning through Play, inclusiveness, and others related to ECD.

 3-1 Conduct face-to-face awareness campaign on

【Topic 1】Leaning through Play, Japanese style and positive parenting

【Topic 2】Eat Well, Play Well, Sleep Well

【Topic 3】Food education

【Topic 4】Inclusion

3-2 Awareness campaigns on ECD topics developed and launched in MoSS different outlets (directorates, social units, social media platforms): To be discussed and determined in 2025.

Ms.Ando, JICA Expert on ECD doing a hands-on activity for facilitators.
Ms.Ando, JICA Expert on ECD doing a hands-on activity for facilitators.


In order to materialize the above, JICA will shoulder the local costs of conducting the series of trainings, printing out educational materials, organizing awareness activities, conducting baseline survey and impact evaluation survey, as well as child development case studies.


In addition, a total of approximately US$500,000 in educational materials such as picture books, and facilitators’ kits will be provided to 500 nurseries to improve their childcare environments.


―― Year 2022-2023 ――


Al-Jumhuriya newspaper on April 6 2023 on the launch of ECD-JICA Project Phase 2

ECD-JICA Project Phase 1

Target govonorates:Kafr El Sheikh, Qualiobiya, Portsaid, Ismailia, Suez
Target govonorates:Kafr El Sheikh, Qualiobiya, Portsaid, Ismailia, Suez

The Project for Quality Improvement of Early Childhood Development (ECD-JICA Project) Phase 1


Background of the project


This project is based on the activities implemented by the JOCVs (Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers) of JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency). JICA has sent more than 70 early childhood development-related volunteers to Egypt for about 20 years, ensuring the importance for young children to learn through play. The volunteers have assisted capacity building of nursery teachers (facilitators) and managers through their activities which include organizing workshops/seminars, and creating teaching materials on early childhood development.





About the project


The Memorandum of Cooperation was signed on Feb 7, 2017 between JICA and the Ministry of Social Solidarity (MOSS) to conduct the technical cooperation project, “Project for the Quality Improvement of Early Childhood Development”. The project started in June 2017, and will last until October 2021. It focuses on 10 nurseries in each of the 5 target governorates of Port Said, Ismailia, Suez, Kafr El Sheikh, and Qalyubia. The focused nurseries are run by NGOs, and in need of professional assistance.


Expected outputs of the project


*The capacity of nursery teachers (facilitators) to implement “learning through playing” is developed.

*Monitoring system on nurseries is developed to ensure the quality of nurseries.

*The number of guardians having a favorable view for “learning through playing” is increased.


Plan of the project


In order to achieve the outputs of the project, the following various activities are expected to be implemented: (1) Creating educational materials, (2) Providing trainings for nursery teachers (facilitators) and trainers, (3) Conducting awareness campaigns for guardians, (4) Providing comments on the Nursery Quality Standards, and (5) Providing assistance in developing the Monitoring System on nurseries. Through the project, three batches of staff members of the MOSS (more than 30 members in total) are to travel to Japan to take training courses. 

「就学前の教育と保育の質向上プロジェクト」 フェーズ1概要











1 「遊びを通じた学び」を実践する保育士の能力が向上する。

2 保育の質を確保すべく、社会連帯省および同省地方支部の保育園に対するモニタリング制度が改善される。

3 「遊びを通じた学び」を実施するための周辺環境(エジプト社会からの「遊びを通じた学び」に対する理解)が改善される。







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Accomplishment report until october ENG
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Intervention Group:プロジェクトでかかわった保育園、Control Group:プロジェクトが関与していない保育園です。



first edition
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エジプトにおける保育 ─ JICA技術協力プロジェクトの取り組みから ─ 松原 敬子→こちら

エジプト・アラブ共和国 就学前教育の現状と課題ー川村幹→こちら



―― Year 2020-2021 ――


2021年10月 約4年半間にわたり、関わってきたエジプトの就学前教育支援。社会連帯省大臣への報告をもって第1フェーズを終えました。「遊びを通した学び」の重要性を伝える保育士研修やEat well, Play well, Sleep well を掲げて行った保護者・コミュニティーへの啓発活動に力を入れてきました。就学前保育・教育に従事する人達のエンパワーメントにつながり、また子どもと真剣に向き合うことの大切さをエジプトの社会に少しでも理解してもらえたのでは・・・という手ごたえを感じています。


[Oct. 15 is Global Handwashing Day] JICAs Handwashing for Health and Life campaign throughout the world: Over 300 million people learned the importance of handwashing in one year.

【10月15日は世界手洗の日 世界に広がれ!JICA「健康と命のための手洗運動】



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【Egypt Today April 2021】JICA hands sanitary kits, basic equipment to Egyptian nurseries amid coronavirus. →Click!


【Create Your Joy-学びをとめるな!】





―― Year 2019 ――







【 2019年 4月】

JICAの広報誌 mundiにて日本エジプト教育パートナーシップの下で実施されているエジプト教育プロジェクトの特集が組まれています。

mundi 日本式エジプト教育.pdf
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 Mundi 2019年4月号P10 より→

―― Year 2018 ――







JICA News: From Al Akhbar NEWS PAPER 

Closing Ceremony of the first round of training course for nurseries’ facilitators within the framework of JICA’s “Quality Improvement of Early Childhood Development” Project

The closing ceremony for the first round of training course for nurseries’ facilitators within the framework of JICA’s “Quality Improvement of Early Childhood Development” Project, will take place on Oct. 31, 2018 at the Ministry of Social Solidarity.

Egypt-Japan Education Partnership (EJEP) has been established between the Governments of Egypt and Japan to strengthen the capacity of the Egyptian youth by introducing characteristic elements of Japanese education to Egypt in various stages of education with the aim to support achieving prosperity, peace, stability and development in Egypt.

One of EJEP’s main components is the technical cooperation project under the title of “Quality Improvement of Early Childhood Development”, which was conducted after Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the Egyptian Ministry of Social Solidarity have signed its Memorandum of Understanding on Feb. 7, 2017.

Mr. Tetsuo Kamitani, JICA’s Chief Advisor in the education field, believes that the empowerment of nurseries’ facilitators is the key to success as they don’t only play the role of teaching, but also create a good environment for the children’s daily lives and raise the parents’ awareness of appropriate parenting at home.

Thus, it is necessary to build the capacity of the nurseries’ facilitators, nurseries’ managers and directorates’ staff. Therefore, the project has implemented a training course from January to July 2018 in Cairo and five other targeted governorates including Suez, Ismailia, Port Said, Qaliubiya and Kafr El Sheikh. The training course included 18 subjects related to early childhood that are based on the curriculum delivered at the Faculties of Early Childhood Care and Education in Japan.

The training’s subjects include: Principles of Child Care and Education, Child and Family Welfare, Social Welfare, Consultation and Support, Social Protection, Theories of Nursery Centre Workers, Psychology of Child Care, Health of Children (1- Health of Children; 2- Children’s Diet and Nutrition), Theories of Family Support, Theories of Child Care Curriculum, Overview of Theories of the Content of Child Care, Infant Care, Care for Children with Disabilities, The Content of Social Protection and Expression Skills in Child Care.

The event will be held to hand the Course Completion Certificates to 74 trainees, out of 243 trainees from targeted and non-targeted nurseries as well as directorates’ staff, for their success in completing 15 subjects or more in the training.


Observation tour and training in Japan 2018


Enriching Child Development Through Play

Nov. 20, is Universal Children's Day. On this day, the U.N. General Assembly adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child to protect the human rights of the world's children. 


Japan's cooperation to the Middle East. CNN program.」

Article of ECD-JICA Project is posted to JICA Official WEBPAGE as the first topic of 2018.




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―― Year 2017 ――


Early Childhood Development Project in Egypt holds its 1st Joint Coordination Committee Meeting on October 16 2017.






ECDプロジェクト専門家 梶山葉子氏

The Project embarked on June 2017!